Penguin Birthday Card

Send some sweet wishes to a birthday celebrant using this super adorable card featuring a cute penguin. These printable birthday cards are perfect for anyone who enjoys penguins or who just want a cute card that isn't the usual one of kittens and puppies. Featuring soft colors around the borders, hearts, and of course, the bird itself, these free printable cards are perfect for both children and adults. Most people love a personalized card selected just for them. Print this card off on good paper, don't forget to write your own message of love, and give it to someone you love today!

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Sweet Birthday Wishes

Penguin Birthday Card has an adorable penguin dressed in his black and white best suit just to wish some sweet birthday cheer. The tabs of rainbow sherbet colors frame the sides of the cover. The star bird is holding a red balloon with wishes of sweet while the string he is holding forms a swirly heart shape. The inside is where you will shine as each card can be set up easily to include your own heartfelt sweet wishes for those you love. These free printable birthday cards are the best and easiest way to not miss wishing anyone on your list a birthday greeting.

Wishes for a Sweet Birthday in Black and White

A little black and white bird has toddled out to wish someone special some sweet thoughts for their birthday. He is happily holding a red balloon by its string. The string has looped around to form a heart shape. Send the Penguin Birthday Card, only one of many fun cards from these free printable birthday cards, to anyone on your birthday card lists as it is perfect for all ages. Each card is eligible for added images and custom pre-printed personal messages within without the wait. With a few clicks of the mouse you become your own professional printing service.