Teddy with Blue Balloons Birthday Card

Greet a special loved one today by getting this printable birthday card for him. These free printable cards have a cute cuddly teddy bear holding blue balloons and wearing a party hat, ready for the birthday celebrations! The background has both stars and puffy clouds, making this card almost dreamy and wonder-like in its atmosphere. This card is great for small children in particular, though it is also a beautiful card for just about anyone of any age. If you're looking for the perfect way of greeting kids on their special day, these free, printable birthday cards are just the way to go. 

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"Happy Birthday!" says Teddy.

Our little furry friend is waving his hand out under the stars, and is sending his birthday wishes to that special little boy (or girl). And it looks like he even wrote the words, "Happy birthday." in the sky himself, using special gold magic, in a child's style of printing. Teddy bears are magical creatures, every one knows that. Every last one of us had a teddy bear at some point in our childhood, that we spoke to, told our dreams to, and that we believed could understand us. Remind your birthday child that Teddy is always there for him or her.

Fully Customizable Birthday Bear Card

Don't forget to add your own message on the inside of this fully customizable free card! Use our Customize button to go to our special customization engine, or use your own markers, crayons and glitter after you have printed the card out. If this is for one of your children's friend's party, be sure and let your little person help with the decorating. Make the most of  finishing off this card and enjoy the making as well as the sending, because the child you are giving it to certainly will.  And of course be sure and send a great present to go with it!