Teenager Birthday Cards

Use one of these free printable cards to greet someone with a happy 13th birthday. This is the age that marks her becoming an official teenager. These bright printable birthday cards also don't force your new teenager into a girly mode; instead, it features a skater tomboy who is not only wishing your girl a happy birthday, but also looks ready to take off and have some fun. Print this card and add your personal greetings inside. Then try not to think about how old that girl has become and how much closer she is to being an adult! Of course, there are all of the pleasant teen years in between... Wish the teenager of your life a happy birthday with this teen inspired birthday card.

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Teenager Birthday Cards for 13 Year Old Girls

Yes, it is official, if the young lady is turning 13 she will be a teenager. No longer is she the little girl of tutus and hair bows. She is in a challenging time between childhood and adulthood.  Help usher in this new chapter of life with a personalized card selected just for them. Teenager Birthday, from these free printable birthday cards, has a young lady riding on a skateboard. The greeting specifically notes that she is 13 and a teenager. The dark pinks with purple letters are colors geared toward older kids. Each card is eligible for added images and custom pre-printed personal messages within without the wait.

Skate Into This Teenager Birthday Card

She may be sporting pigtails on the front of the free printable Teenager Birthday card, but she growing up and turning 13, a teenager. Send a card that highlights her new and exciting coming of age time in her life. The card is brightly colored with a teenaged girl riding a skateboard. Send this exceptionally special card to a special teenager on your birthday calendar. Plus, you are earnestly invited to try out the easy-to-use custom personalization option. It is simple to use and it is available for all the cards. Your heartfelt birthday messages will be as special as the recipient of your thoughtful gift.