Yellow Cake with Cherries on Top

Here's a nice birthday mini card for kids. These printable birthday cards feature a cute yellow cake with cherries on top. The bright green background is very eye catching. There are also plenty of shapes to keep little eyes busy, including triangle confetti and a flower on each side of the phrase. Although this mini card is primarily geared towards being a birthday card, you can also use it as a card for parcels or tucked into a gift basket; whatever you see fit! Either way, these free printable cards are great for little hands to hold and little eyes to ogle-and who knows, no few adults in your life may love it too! 

Come to our Happy Birthday Party!

Since these cards are designed to be printed two to a page they would make excellent free printable invitations as well as birthday cards. You can print however many you need for your party, and print them twice as fast since they are two up on the sheet. Inside each half sheet sized card is plenty of room for all the information about the party. Using our customization engine to add an image, you could even set up the inside with a map. When they receive these cute little printable cards, your guests will know exactly where to show up for yummy yellow cake with cherries on top!

Yummy Yellow Cake Cards!

The bold vivid colors on this wonderful half size birthday card make that scrumptious looking, yummy yellow cake, decorated with its fluffy, creamy, bright white icing and topped with its mouth watering, rich, red cherries just pop out of the page, practically! Yummy and mouthwatering, cake and ice cream are almost more important to a child's birthday party than the presents. This little card, which can be used either to wish a, "Happy Birthday," to a birthday child, or can be sent out as invitations to a birthday celebration, plays up on that delicious part of the festivities that every one enjoys.