Good Samaritan Hidden Puzzle

The Good Samaritan helped the person in need. Teach your kids some bible lessons using this free printable hidden puzzle game. Lots of children have fun looking for objects hidden in a picture puzzle. Our free printable games offer plenty of ways to entertain the kids. The good Samaritan hidden puzzle is a real brain teaser in the printable games section. It is a good example of how things are not always as they seem at first. 

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Bible Story Hidden Picture Puzzles

Slyly placed objects in a picture are the makings of a great free printable brain teaser. The good Samaritan hidden puzzle free printable games are perfect for teaching the powerful story of the good Samaritan. It gives children a challenge to find hidden items as brain teaser puzzles. The picture portrays the story of giving a wounded man a ride on the mule. Look closer to see more in the details of the trees or the clothing. Each item to find in the puzzle is listed as a picture. That will help kids recognize them as they seek and find. Search these free printable puzzles for more hidden puzzle fun. 

Hidden Picture Brain Teasers

Brain teasers cause us to look at things from different angles. These free printable games have loads of puzzles for learning and fun. The printable brain teaser Good Samaritan hidden puzzle has some common simple objects cleverly hidden in the picture. Look high look low. It is in the details. Are you sure that the bark on the tree is only bark? Each object hidden in the puzzle is listed as a picture for an added hint for younger hidden puzzle lovers. This good Samaritan puzzle of hidden pictures is fun for all ages.  For another fun activity after printing these free printable brain teasers, have the kids color them after solving the puzzle by finding all the hidden pictures.