Christmas Tree Money Card

Cash is a great gift to give, especially to teens. Send some extra cash to your nephews and nieces and place it in this Christmas tree themed money card. These printable Christmas cards are a perfect way to both send your greetings and some money to those you care for most. You can customize these free printable cards and add some special messages or add their photo on the blank space. Whatever you decide to do, don't forget to send your best holiday greetings to those you love most, along with a bit of money in the safe slip found in this card. Enjoy!

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Christmas Tree Money Holder

This is one of our special multiuse free Christmas printables.  It is not only a card, but a gift holder. It is designed so that it can be cut out and folded in such a way that with just a touch of glue along the bottom of the smaller flap, you will have an easy, reliable way to keep a gift of cash, a check, or even a gift card tucked safely inside the card. There is no way that the gift will get accidentally left in the envelope, or will flutter unheeded to the floor in the confusion of opening gifts.

Modern Style Christmas Gift Card

These days, it is almost impossible to know what to get for young people, especially for modern teens. They have their own ideas, and those ideas change in a dizzyingly swift way that completely overcomes even the most attentive grown up. If you live very far away, as we often do from our nieces, nephews, and other family members, it is simply impossible to know what to get. The answer is actually simple. Just send a gift card or cash, and let the receiver decide. This is a free printable card designed for just that. Print, cut, fold, and send the perfect modern gift.