Cookies and Milk for Santa

Ask the kids to write their wishes to Santa using this fun printable Christmas card. Baking treats is a great way to spend the time running up to the big day and there's nothing Santa likes more than a plate of cookies when he's out on his deliveries! And since these free printable cards feature milk and cookies design, don't forget to let the kids prepare this special snack for Santa on Christmas eve. You can even include a favorite recipe on the inside along with a Christmas greeting for all those to whom you and your children wish to give this card. It's a great piece and better still, no calories! What a sweet gift for the holiday season.

Printable Card Cookies and Milk

Do you plan to bake cookies and exchange them as gifts this holiday season? Here is a cute gift enclosure card found in the Christmas printable cards section. The Cookies and Milk card hosts a picture of chocolate chip cookies and milk. Print the free printable card with a blank inside so you can fill it out as you wish. Or, since the card has a simple note to Santa on the front kids will love to leave their own secret message for Santa and his Reindeer when they leave the popular plate of cookies for Santa before being tucked into bed. They will sleep well knowing they left something special for Santa.

Need a Note for Santa? Try the Cookies and Milk Printable Christmas Card

Cookies and milk left as a treat for Santa on the night before Christmas is a tradition children have continued for years. Our free printable Cookies and Milk Christmas card is just the perfect accompaniment with the plate to start your own family tradition. Leave the inside blank so your children can tuck a special note of thanks to Santa. Our quarter-folded card has a tempting tasty picture of yummy cookies and a cold glass of milk. Can it get any better than that? Only, that you know there are hundreds more free printable cards to make your season's greetings more special.