Falling Snowflakes

Everyone eagerly anticipates those first snowflakes of the winter season, when the fresh white flakes dance in the breeze and land softly on the grass. It means that it's time for baked goodies, hot chocolate, Christmas lights, and presents, so of course they are happily awaited! But you don't have to wait until the first real snowfall to get that feeling back; if you send these printable Christmas cards to your friends and family, they can get that feeling whenever they like! Pass along this snowflake design card as a way to wish a Merry Christmas and a warm greeting to everyone you care for. Who knows, you may well bet the one to deliver those first snowflakes to your friends and family through this card! And no one ever has to shovel it either, so even those who are less thrilled with snow will still be happy to get it. Enjoy these free printable cards!