Family Christmas

Send some happy holiday greetings to your friends and relatives using these simple two-fold free printable cards. This black and white card features a family decorating their Christmas tree. You can print this and ask your kids to add colors and additional design to this card. These printable Christmas cards really do capture all of the meaning of Christmas, from spending time together to love and care and of course, presents! Whether you want to keep it black and white or add your own colorful touch, this holiday greeting is sure to fit the bill. Have fun with it!

Color this Printable Family Christmas Card

Make sending out the Christmas cards a little more fun, and a little more personal. Printing out this free Family Christmas card and letting your children color it will turn sending out the Christmas cards into a family fun activity. Sending out cards can get to be a chore if one family member gets stuck doing all of them. Getting the family together for a coloring session with these free printables opens up the possibility of family bonding, and turning a chore into a pleasure. Plus you have everyone there helping, so each family member can sign the card themselves before you put it in the envelope. 

Printable Family Christmas Card Fun

All kids (and a great many adults) love to color. They love to express themselves and enjoy making things beautiful. These free printable Christmas cards are a great opportunity to get them coloring for a purpose. Break out the markers or even the watercolors and let the fun times begin. At the same time that the kiddies are having fun being creative and colorful, they are helping the grownups create unique Christmas cards to send out to family and friends. No two will be exactly the same. Grandparents will be particularly tickled to receive a card made especially for them.