Father Christmas Cards

Looking for small free printable cards that kids can use to send to their friends? Maybe you need a small card to hold something like a gift card or a present tag? Or maybe you just want to jazz up that Christmas parcel! Then check out this Father Christmas themed printable Christmas cards. These are mini sized cards so they can be slid into and onto just about anything with no trouble. Featuring Santa Clause on a soft blue and snowy background, these cards are great for anyone, both the very young and the old-but-young-at-heart. So if you're looking for just that extra touch of something special for your holiday gifts, print these cards off today!

Mini Printable Cards Father Christmas

Have you tried our larger Father Christmas printable card? Here is the mini version of the same sweet picture. Print plenty of these free printable cards as gift enclosure cards for a matching holiday theme. It will fit right in with the Christmas elf all dressed in soft red and white suit including the cotton ball tip on the long red hat. His soft looking eyes framed with his round glasses is an added charm. Add some falling snow on a blue background all enclosed in a bright red border and you are all set. It is ready for you to add your own little greeting before slipping it into that special gift.

Printable Card Father Christmas is a Favorite

What better way to have your own personal Christmas theme than to have matching cards, gift tags, and place cards? This Father Christmas printable card is just small enough to fit those needs. Slip it in a stocking for added fun. Add it to a holiday card holder on the table for an added touch for the big meal. Kids will enjoy having their own small cards to exchange with their friends too. Whatever way you decide to use the card rest assured it is the same quality you expect from the rest of our free printable Christmas cards. Each can be customized to suit your personal flair. Try out more today.