Green Christmas Tree Card

Send some warm Christmas greetings to your loved ones using these simple but pretty, free printable cards with a Christmas tree design. These printable Green Christmas Tree cards have a fairly simplistic sort of design and yet it's very eye-catching in its approach. The bright green tree is offset by a starry blue sky and a deeper blue ground with white edging everything just like snow. And that falling star is about to land right where it's needed most! Print some to greet all of your friends and relatives. It's not a fancy card, but it's the perfect thing for a happy holiday greeting.

Print our Green Christmas Tree Card for Free

The decorated Green Christmas tree is one of the central icons of the Christmas season. Print out this sweet, free, printable, that has a wonderful, childlike drawing of a red and green Christmas tree on it to use as your family's greeting card for this Christmas. Bright bold colors and simple, direct lines remind you of those drawings you made as a child, or perhaps the ones that your children make for you. Since children and presents under the Christmas tree are on everyone's mind this time of year, this could be just the card to make everyone who receives it smile!

The Green Tree Christmas Card Printable

Search no further! This is the free printable card you're looking for! It's not some fancy, smancy "high art" Christmas card, with a picture of something you have to guess at, or some sappy, schmaltzy, sentimental card that will make people misty eyed. No, this is a guileless and picturesque scene from a child's Christmas story. The red decorated, green Christmas tree, with a perfect star right on the top, is a vision that is close to everyone's heart this gift giving season. Choose this printable, and add your custom greeting inside. Print them out, fold, and send out happiness!