Penguins Holiday

Gather round and get ready to celebrate with the age old tradition of singing Christmas carols. Our black and white penguins against a winter blue backdrop set the tone for holiday festivities. The song leader dons a Santa hat too. Six little penguins getting ready to celebrate with a song will delight your friends on your Christmas card list. Free printable cards make the holiday time less stressful because they are easy to select, personalize, and print. Less on your to-do list means you have more time for your family traditions. Remember, they are free printables so, do not limit your choices to just one.

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Evening Penguins Holiday Christmas Card

Hum, let the happy caroling penguins extend your Holiday greetings this year with a free printable Christmas Card. Penguin Holiday incorporates a snowy evening of blue hues along with a winsome scene of cute and handsome fellows preparing to serenade the night. Six formal tuxedo attired penguins, one in a Santa hat, will be a welcome card for those friends and loved ones on the annual Christmas card list. Printable Christmas cards are easy to print. You can even personalize each one of the printable cards. One more item will be crossed off your list with these free printable Christmas cards.

Penguins Holiday Printable Card

Even the penguins are getting into the Christmas spirit in these free printable cards! One of them even found a Santa Claus hat to wear. This card really captures the warm comfortable feelings and the annual traditions of spending time together while also giving you the calmness of a wintry blue evening.  The combination makes this an all-around gorgeous card selection. These free printable Penguin Holiday cards make it easy to send some fun happy holiday greetings to your loved ones using these cute printable Christmas cards. Don't forget to add your own greetings and maybe a few penguins of your own! Print this now!