Santa Card

Kids, don't forget to send Santa a letter using these free printable cards. This Christmas card is perfect! Santa is on the front, and cookies inside. There is enough room to add messages and a wish list as well on the inside. So make Santa feel as special as he makes you feel this season and use this card to spread around the message of hope and dreams. Just print this free card out and write your wish list inside. It's a great way to pass the time leading up to the big day! And Santa will surely appreciate the gesture.

Print the Santa Card for Free!

These printable Christmas cards are all about Santa. From the smiling image of him and his magic bag of toys on the front panel of the card to the colorful stack of Christmas mail waiting for him on the back panel. And of course when you open the card, you see that delicious plate of warm, chocolate chip cookies and cold glass of milk just waiting for Santa Claus on his long Christmas rounds, printed on the on the inside left panel of the finished card. Simply add your own message on the inside right panel, print, fold, and send!

Free Printable Santa Card 

Grownups will enjoy this free printable Christmas card of Santa Claus every bit as much as kids, don't forget. No one can resist that jolly old elf himself, when he smiles at them with those rosy red cheeks. Done in rich, vibrant, holiday colors, this is one of the many Christmas printables available here on our site. We have Santa Claus, Reindeer, Christmas Trees, and all the other fun images of Christmas. Along with the more playful images, like this Santa Card, we also have a full array of more serious, religious themed cards. Browse the collection for just the perfect ones for you.