Santa Claus Mini Cards

Here's a set of Santa Claus themed holiday free printable cards that are perfect for little ones. These printable Christmas cards are small enough that you can also use these as gift cards. Good things sometimes do come in small packages and Santa clearly aims to prove that with these holiday cards! So whether you want to use them to hold gift cards, to act as tags on a presents or even as something to place on parcels to get people in the holiday spirit, these are the cards for you! Print them out today and prove that the best things in life are sometimes those found in the smallest moments.

Free Printable Santa Mini Cards

He's jolly and cute: he is Santa Claus. Santa Claus Mini Cards are printable for you to use in lots of ways. The card is small but big on tradition. The Merry Christmas printed in red on the inside is an appropriate phrase for most any gift exchanges. Children will love a Santa Claus tag on gifts for friends and teachers. Stick the card on a secret Santa gift as a surprise. Cookie tins need an adornment to wish someone warm wishes for the season. These free printable cards are popular for the upcoming holiday season. Get some early.

Santa Mini Cards are Free

All trimmed in red with a cheerful Santa Claus picture on the front, this free printable Christmas mini card is so popular and versatile. Print plenty to have enough to include inside baked goods given for warm holiday sharing. This Santa Claus Mini Card is blank on one side of the interior but; our printable cards have an option to print a personalized message too. The other side of the interior includes a traditional red-lettered Merry Christmas greeting. Our cards are totally free, customizable, and easy to use. Free means you can print all your Christmas card needs right from home.