Santa at the North Pole

Kids send a card to Santa to greet him Merry Christmas and tell him your wishes using these free printable cards. Although it looks like Santa has a stack of mail already, he's always happy to receive more from children all over the world. These simple printable Christmas cards not only feature an image of mail, but also has plenty of space for additional cliparts, graphics and messages. Print this card now and add designs to it with drawings and your own special message. After all, Santa just loves to receive mail and so does everyone else in your life this holiday season. Enjoy making this card a work of art and make sure your friends and family all know how much you're thinking of them.

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Santa at the North Pole Christmas Printable

Do your kids look forward to the Christmas season dreaming of presents under the tree? Let them write a letter to Santa Claus. Use this free printable Santa at the North Pole Christmas Card for them to fill out with their requests. See it even has Santa's name and address on the front page. A quarter fold card makes it easier for a youngster to slide it right into an envelope. Holiday colors abound on the front with a red envelope. Open the inside for space to write or custom print a greeting. Dear Santa, I have been very good this year.

Send a Special Card with the Santa at the North Pole Printable Card

Want to have a project for the kids this season? Print this free card, Santa at the North Pole and give it to the children with their own markers. Let them use the large inside spaces to tell Santa how good they have been this year. And, what is on their wish list. Make sure you take a peek inside before the card gets mailed to the North Pole. Keep some of the cards for yourself too. No one is too old to write to Santa with holiday wishes. Free printable and easy, that is our mission to provide quality and fun cards for your family.