Snowman in Socks Hat

Why hello there Snowman! You seem to be wearing a large stocking on your head, but it doesn't seem to matter much does it! Ah well, at least you're in the Christmas spirit and the candy canes and other things falling out of your hat are certainly helping the mood! Teach the kids to greet their friends and relatives this holiday season using these free printable cards. Get these printable Christmas cards and ask them to add drawings and special holiday message. This is a really fun card and certainly has some great personality to it. Enjoy making the most of this card for the holiday season!

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Snowman in Socks Hat

He is happy and festive. All the colors you would expect for a winter holiday greeting. Plus, some added goodies of candy canes and tree ornaments to bring a festive air.  Snowman in Socks Hat is one of many printable Christmas cards that are free. Print and fold it's that easy. No need to only have one card to choose from this holiday season. We make it easy to match a card per person on the card list. The snowman is peeking out from one side. What a cute touch of whimsy. Enjoy the stress-free card shopping with free printable cards.

Holiday Time With Snowman in Socks Hat Printable Christmas Card

It's that time of year again. You are making your list and checking it twice. There is no need to fret over your Christmas card list anymore. We have lots of free printable cards to fit all of those on your list. Snowman in Socks Hat is a favorite for kids and the young at heart.  He has all the traditional colors of red and green and candy cane decorations too. The snowman is peeking out to say Happy Holidays. Add this free printable card to your save and print list for the added touch of fun for card exchanging.