St. Patrick's Day Crossword Puzzle

Help your kids learn about St. Patrick's Day through this crossword puzzle which features words associated with the celebration. St. Patrick's Day or also known as St. Paddy's day is an annual fest day of the patron saint of Ireland and is being celebrated every 17th of March. The crossword puzzle is featured as part of these free printable games. There are 10 clues listed as across and down to help solve the puzzle by adding a letter per square. The free printable crossword puzzle is decorated with large green four leaf clovers as well as the long sought after pot of gold.

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Crossword Fun With Irish Luck

St. Patrick’s Day is a celebration of the Irish to honor the saint of Irish feast. Once a year, in the month of March, the color green makes a grand appearance as people wear it with pride. Four leaf clovers and leprechauns are numerous too. Teachers usually combine a history lesson about Ireland around the holiday. Younger students can learn common symbols of St. Patrick’s Day by having a copy of the free printable crossword puzzle aptly named St. Patrick's Day Crossword Puzzle of these free printable games. The 10 clues form an easy puzzle in a grid of squares across and down.

May The Luck of The Irish be With You

St. Patrick's Day Crossword Puzzle is a fun free printable in these free printable games. The 10 clue puzzle is an easy way to learn some interesting facts about the country of Ireland as well as learn of their traditions and customs surrounding the country’s most famous celebration St. Patrick’s Day. The feast of the Irish is a popular holiday that requires lots of green wardrobe apparel along with ample four leaf clovers for luck. The puzzle is easily solved by answering 10 clues that have to do with the holiday. Fit the correct letters in the grid across and down until all the squares are full.