Grade 1 Math- Addition & Subtraction Word Problem

 Math word problems exercise first graders critical thinking. First grade students can appreciate the math problems when they are presented in a story format. Word problems can be understood better by putting words along with the numbers when a picture of a familiar object is included. The beginning computations are addition and subtraction. This free printable worksheet includes both. There are a total of 6 exercises. The top of the page has a place for the student to fill in their name. Teachers can customize the sheets to have their class name and numbers printed on each. Use this worksheet for your math word problem introduction to your students.


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Easy Add and Subtract Math Worksheet

First grade math is critical to laying a good foundation for future learning. Students move from just counting objects to learning how to compute with numbers i.e. addition and subtraction. Exercises that combine the numbers and pictures of familiar objects introduce math word problems for the first time. Grade 1 Math- Addition and Subtraction Word Problem is a free printable math worksheet that includes four addition and two subtraction problems. Each item shows pictures of objects combined with the operation symbols with fill in the blanks for the answers.  Home schooling families and classroom teachers love these free printable math lessons.

How many Will you Have Left?

Learning how to solve a math computation is introduced to first graders in the form of worksheets printed with objects they recognize along with the numbers and the operations symbols. They learn to read the problem when they add words for the objects and then the concepts of adding to or taking away will lead to an answer. Grade 1 Math- Addition and Subtraction Word Problem free printable math worksheet has six problems plainly separated for clarity. Each problem has the object along with the numbers to be added or subtracted along with the problem written out in a math sequence so the student can fill in the blanks.