Halloween Math Addition

A fun way to teach kids is to give them easy worksheets such as this Halloween themed Math worksheet. This addition free printable Math worksheet features Halloween characters such as bats, pumpkins, spiders, witches and skulls. All of them are recognizable objects for many age groups. There are only 5 problems so it will hold a younger student’s attention.  Some of the first experiences children have with numbers are with counting objects. This math sheet takes that concept further by adding an operation such as addition. The child can simply count the objects and write the answers in the provided space

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Math Made Easy Free Printable Worksheets

Math can be fun if it is introduced at an early age with age appropriate lessons. Our free printable lessons include a Halloween themed sheet titled Halloween Math Addition. There are only 5 problems so the younger child will not get overwhelmed too soon when a new concept is introduced. The child already knows how to count so this math worksheet is a natural progression of learning. The child will simply count the highly recognizable Halloween objects and write the answers in the space provided. Teachers depend on fun worksheets to provide a quality teaching experience for both the teacher and the student. 

Bats and Witches fun Halloween Math Worksheets

When holidays approach teachers seek to find holiday related ways to include it in their lesson plans. Our free printable lessons are popular with teachers and home schooling parents because they are quality worksheets designed to encourage learning and most of all they are absolutely free, so browse our large selection for future lessons. Halloween Math Addition worksheet combines Halloween objects and addition learning all on one sheet. The child will recognize the objects shown in 5 easy problems set up as an addition operation. They will already know how to count so they can count each like items and write in their answers.