Apple Name Tag

Free printable name tags have a variety of good uses. This apple name tag will playfully delight young children with its colorful and fun style. Print this now and write their names using colored pens and fun fonts. A name tag on the first day of school ensures that the teacher and student get acquainted early in the term.  There are 6 apple shaped tags per sheet. Use bright red paper for the best effect. 

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Printable Apple Name Tags

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Our apple name tag is a fun free printable that can be used more ways than just as a name tag. A child visiting the doctor would love a sticker that states they had a good visit. Use our custom print options and list the doctor's office name and phone number for a future visit. Add a magnet on the back and it can be used on the refrigerator for easy access to contact information for a babysitter or grandparent. Maybe even use this apple print from our free printable selections as the template for the return doctor appointment cards. 

Apple Name Tags for Students

An apple for the teacher is a popular symbol for the classroom. It stems from a centuries old tradition that farmers shared their bountiful fall harvests with the teachers at the beginning of a new school year. Use this simple shaped apple name tag for the first day of school to label each child's desk. This is especially important for kindergarten students to get familiar with the routine of the classroom. Our free printable name tags are easy to enlarge as needed. Pass them out on the first day and let each child color or draw on their desk label to personalize it for them. Be sure and check out more free printables such as labels for storage bins.