Origami- Lotus Flower

If you're saving money but still want to embellish your home with gorgeous-looking flowers, then why not make origami flowers that do not die? Combine an ancient paper folding technique with a flat good quality paper product to make an origami lotus flower, a symbol of good fortune. Print out these free printable instructions and make great coffee table decor. These clear step-by-step instructions are easy to follow for beautiful results. Use a variety of colored paper for a one-of-a-kind creation.  Go ahead it only takes a few moments to print the instructions for free in exchange for hours of creative fun.

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Lotus Flower Origami Instructions

Have you wanted to make origami art but did not know how to start? Origami- Lotus Flower is a free printable instruction sheet for you to follow. Print the instructions. If you need them enlarged our customization option will let you do so. Select some flat square paper of your choice. The only requirement of the paper is that it has to hold a crease. Follow the easy to read step by step instructions and create your first of many creations to come. The Lotus Flower is a great selection to learn because it is the symbol of good fortune.

The Art of Origami Made Easier

Origami literally means folded paper. The art of folding paper creations is an ancient Japanese tradition. Many times the objects are made to honor a past loved one. Often they are given as symbols of goodwill. Most importantly the origami process allows someone to take a flat piece of paper and through a series of simple repeated folds they can create a beautiful paper sculpture. Origami- Lotus Flower is a free printable instruction sheet for making an origami flower. The Lotus Flower is an honored tradition symbolizing good fortune. Print the instructions and start practicing this beautiful art. Make it a learning family activity.