Mount Rushmore

Use this free printable picture of Mount Rushmore to enhance student reports about American History or travel. The faces on Mount Rushmore are one of the most famous historical attractions in North America. If the students do not know the names of the famous presidents on this free printable, that is a great homework assignment. Ask them the location of this famous sculpture and some of the history. Use this free Mount Rushmore picture as a learning prompt.

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Free Printable Pictures Mount Rushmore

Add free printables like this printable pic of Mount Rushmore when you want to create meaningful reports, postcards, or power point projects. You can print these pictures onto light colored construction paper for different textures. You can hold your kids' attention for hours with different combinations and sizes by using your printer to scale the picture as you print it. There are a variety of free printable pictures that can be customized for many different occasions or class projects. Just follow your simple printer instructions and create your own personal copy in minutes. Use these over and over. Practice makes perfect. Asking the student if they know the history of Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln for an awesome assignment. 

Free Printable Pics for History

If you are deciding if your students are ready for a historical journey, try using printable pics such as Mount Rushmore. You can print these as many times as you wish for free. You can ask them to find stories about these famous American icons. Search the site for more ways to enhance your report or postcard projects with free printable pictures. Your students will have great fun making a classroom paper representation of the famous heads on this picture of Mount Rushmore. Why were these four presidents chosen? How long did it take to create this massive attraction? Find these answers and more today. This Mount Rushmore picture is a free image for you to print out. Check out our other free printable pics today and get to customizing!