Halloween Preschool Number 1 to 6 Worksheet

Preschoolers need fun worksheets so that you can capture their attention when you're teaching them new things such as numbers. This fun Halloween themed preschool worksheet features numbers 1 to 6. Each box contains popular Halloween objects such as one black cat or two orange pumpkins etc. The numbers corresponding with the number of objects is included as dotted lines.  Ask the kids to count how many are there in the picture and then trace the number at the bottom of each box. Preschoolers and teachers will be happy to have these free printable worksheets for more learning fun activities.

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Preschooler's Halloween Number Fun

What includes black cats, orange pumpkins, and white ghosts? A free printable preschool worksheet created for numbers learning and Halloween fun. Preschoolers love to learn with easy worksheets that are attractive, easy, and fun.  Halloween Preschool Number 1 to 6 Worksheet is set up in 6 equal size squares. Each one has objects of Halloween numbered 1-6.  The dotted lines of each number are easy for preschoolers to trace with their pencils. Our free printable worksheet supports early eye and hand coordination as well as introducing math concepts with counting numbers.  At the top of each sheet is a blank for children to learn to write their names too.

Learn Numbers 1-6 with Halloween Fun

Halloween Preschool Number 1 to 6 Worksheet is a popular free printable math worksheet that includes fun objects of Halloween that are easily recognized by preschool aged children. Kids are eager to learn how to write letters and numbers. Our free printable sheet features numbers 1-6 in dotted lines to aid them learning to write while tracing them with their pencil. Each block includes cats, pumpkins, or bats that can be counted first and then match the number with the quantity. Preschoolers benefit from easy to read and fun to work simple lessons. Print as many as you need as often as you would like.