Centimeter-Millimeter Ruler

This free printable cm-mm ruler is 25cm long and 2cm wide. Print up to 9 paper rulers on one sheet without having to shrink to fit or scale to fit when printing. Accuracy depends on your printer model. Teachers and home schooling parents depend on these free printables for many of their teaching tools and ideas. All of our top quality designed pages offer a free customizing feature.  It is simple to use and create yours with ease. Need the teacher or students names preprinted on each page? No problem. We invite you to browse our large selection and print as often as needed.

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How Many Millimeters Does it Measure?

Centimeter-Millimeter Ruler is a free printable tool for teaching the metric system for elementary aged students. The printable ruler is printed with 25 centimeter increments on one edge and millimeters on the other edge. Younger students will benefit from examining the ruler up close to see the comparisons in length between the two. Older students will use the ruler to understand how many millimeters equal one centimeter. Print the rulers, nine to a page, cut them out. Provide same size pieces of card stock or cardboard and have the child paste the ruler to the board for durability to use as a daily ruler.

Need a Ruler for Centimeters?

Teachers, do your students repeatedly forget to bring a ruler to class or do they have no access to a ruler that measures centimeters and millimeters? Centimeter-Millimeter Ruler, a free printable, is the answer. Print these free printable rulers nine to a page then, you will have them on hand as needed. The ruler can be easily stored in the student's math workbooks too. These free printable math tools are clear and easy to use. There are many available for all age groups. Take a tour through more and you will be amazed how easy it is to set-up and print.