Snowman Lined Christmas Stationery

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere you look. Snowman Lined Christmas Stationery is a free printable activity you and your kids will enjoy. The lined stationery has subtle snowflake watermarks in the background with a jolly snowman all decked out in his winter gear. See his hat and scarf? Print several of these free printable stationery for your children to write out their Christmas wish list or maybe the important letter to Santa Claus. The lines make it easy for young children to have a neater looking list or letter. All the while the Snowman in the upper left corner is watching all the fun.


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Santa Claus Letters with Free Printable Stationery

Are you children begging to write out their Christmas wish list yet? Snowman Lined Christmas Stationery will make your task easier by having quick and easy access to a free printable activity. The paper has lines to keep younger children on track with their penmanship. At the top left hand corner watching all the fun is a snowman or maybe snow woman with flowers in her hat. A bold decorative line border highlights whatever is written or drawn on the sheet. Have plenty of these free printable sheets around because grandparents will need a copy of the wish list too.

Free Printable Snowman Stationery for Classroom Activities

Teachers always need free printable activities to keep excited younger students occupied as the Christmas season approaches. Use this free printable Snowman Lined Christmas Stationary for many uses. Children reveal lots of humorous things in their letters to Santa Claus. Have some fun as a class by posting these festive letters on a bulletin board. The lines on the page will help keep a neat line and children will practice eye and hand coordination. Use this free printable stationary to have your students write letters to elderly people in homes to brighten their holidays. Your children will learn the benefit of giving to others this season.