3D Black And White Eiffel Tower

Sometimes when browsing you find something extra cool to print. You can now make your own 3D black and white Eiffel tower using this free printable. Print this free Eiffel tower template onto sturdy paper and just follow the indicated instructions to do the folding. Once you have connected all four sides, you can use silver paint to color your personal copy of the famous monument.

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Free Printable Eiffel Tower Monument

When you want to learn a new craft, consider building 3D black and white models from our printable stuff. You can print these templates onto construction paper for different colors or textures. The 3D black and white Eiffel tower printable will hold your kids attention for hours. Print different combinations and sizes. By connecting the four sides together, they create a free standing model. There is a variety of free printable stuff that can be created and customized for many different occasions or class projects. Just follow the simple instructions and you can own your personal copy in minutes. Use these over and over. Practice makes perfect. Use different methods and papers to fit your imagination. Have fun with these printables today.

Using Free Printable Stuff In The Classroom

If you are studying Europe, Paris, or architecture, you can create these Eiffel towers for desk decorations or mobiles. You can print as many copies as you like, as many times as you wish, for free. You can print them on construction paper to cut out or print on regular paper to color with silver paint. Just follow the methods indicated for a model to study. We have lots of free misc. printables from the printable stuff collection. Search the site for more free printable craft instructions today. Your students will have great fun making a classroom paper representation of famous places like Paris. This 3D Black And White Eiffel Tower is a free image for you to print out. Check out our Free Printable Stuff today and get to customizing!