Match The Vowel Sound Worksheet

Five vowels and five easy to recognize pictures are together in a printable worksheet of these free printable classroom lessons. Understanding the sounds of the vowels is one of the first important steps in learning to read. Students need to learn that they sound differently in some words. This printable lesson focuses on the short vowel sounds. Print this easy worksheet containing the 5 steps to see if your preschoolers can match each of the 5 pictures to the each of the short vowel sounds. They can color the pictures after this fun lesson to reinforce what they have practiced.

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Short Vowel Sounds Made Easy

Match The Vowel Sound Worksheet is a part of these free printable classroom lessons teachers and parents can use to teach the children how to read. As children become familiar with reading and how words sound it is time to put it on paper. They will learn that 5 common letters in English language are vowels that sound different in some words. This worksheet focuses on the short vowel sounds. The easy worksheet shows all 5 vowels in upper and lower case print plus 5 pictures whose names begin with each short vowel sound. All the student has to do is match the picture to the vowel sound. 

Vowels Are Fun

Match The Vowel Sound Worksheet is an easy free printable classroom lessons designed to help children learn what a vowel sounds like in different words. The easy exercise combines letter recognition along with matching short vowels sounds with simple pictures. The names of the pictures all begin with the short vowel sound. Teachers, this lesson has an added bonus on the top of the page. Primary tablet lines are set up for the child to practice writing their names on their worksheets before turning them in for a grade. Let them color the pictures as a reward for their hard work.