Numbers In French

Numbers In French is a free printable page that can be customized and enlarged as a picture for a language classroom bulletin board. Or, use it as a larger poster for a read aloud together classroom drill for learning how to pronounce numbers 1-10 in French. Children relate to counting in any language. Once the numbers are learned it is easier to incorporate more vocabulary words by having the students count objects in a picture.  Introducing the language early has a direct impact on how well the information is retained.  Teachers love our free printable site for enhancing their classrooms.

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French Pronunciations for Numbers 1-10

Numbers In French, a free printable picture, is an easy way to keep the words and their pronunciations in direct site for the students to use as a reference tool while learning French. The numbers are large and the corresponding letters are easy to read. Children are fast learners of another language if they are introduced to it early. Or, maybe French is your native language and you need a comprehensive easy to use poster to help your students learn their numbers 1-12. These free printable worksheets are easy to download and convenient to print as needed. Use them today for your classroom needs. 

Numbers in French Study Aid

Learning to pronounce words in another language is a challenge. Our free printable worksheet includes numbers from 1-10 with the French word and pronunciation. Numbers In French is a free printable that can be customized to a size to meet most needs such has a poster or a study guide. Students can use the sheet to practice saying the numbers orally until they say them correctly. Practice is the key to learning any language. Numbers in French is easy to download and print. Student’s or teacher’s names can be added before printing too. Free printable worksheets are popular for teachers and home schooling parents.