Christmas Words Crossword

Some of our most popular free printable games are the printable crossword puzzles. Here is a Christmas Words crossword. All the clues and answers have something to do with the holiday season. There’s mention of trees and Santa Claus and reindeer. This is a medium level difficulty crossword puzzle to print and solve, aimed at slightly older children or young teens. Do not worry if crosswords are not your specialty. We have word solving games of all sorts and for all ages. 

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Printable Christmas Word Games

Sharpen those pencils and put on your thinking caps kids. It is time to work a Christmas words crossword puzzle. Don’t let your brains fall asleep just because school is out for the Christmas break. There are plenty of ways to keep the young people entertained during that long winter break while they are anxiously waiting for the big day. Free Printable Crosswords and word searches like this crossword puzzle with a Christmas words theme are a couple of great choices. Since these are free for the printing each child can have his or her own copy. Each little mind can study and puzzle over the answers. All can feel great about solving the game on their own.

Crossword Printables for Indoor Fun

Printable Christmas crosswords make excellent indoor activities for cold or wet days. First kids want to go outside and make a snowman or just play. After everyone is tired and damp from playing in the snow it is time for quiet indoor fun like printable games. Make some hot chocolate. Hand out pencils and copies of this Christmas words crossword puzzle. Let everyone warm up and get dry. Rev up their brains for a while instead of their bodies. Let them work together to solve the puzzle or compete for a small prize. Do not worry about what to do next. There are hundreds of free printable games here on our site. Many of them are Christmas or winter themed. Have fun exploring them.