Many of the free printable worksheets focus on science.  The planets worksheet makes learning about our solar system of planets and their moons easy and fun. This fill in the blank activity sheet is for elementary level science planets lesson plan. After it is completed students can keep it as a study or reference guide too. Print this now and let your students or your children learn about our solar system.

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Planet Worksheets

Printable lesson plans are a boost for a teacher's overall classroom lessons. Many are available in different subjects. This free printable worksheet is a fill in the blank exercise about the solar system. The planets worksheet is a picture of the solar system. The sun is the star with nine planets that revolves around it. Students, fill in the blanks for the sun and each planet. The drawing depicts the distance each is from the sun. Starting with Mercury as the closest and ending will little Pluto as the furthest. The number of moons that revolve around each planet is displayed as solid black dots around their planet.

Lessons on Planets

Printable lesson plans are an invaluable tool for teachers to expand their classroom activities. The planets lesson plan, a free printable worksheet, is a picture of the solar system. All nine planets and their many moons revolve around the sun. Students are required to fill in the empty blanks within the names for each planet. The student will see from the drawing on the planets worksheet the distances between the sun and the planets. Mercury is shown in upper left hand corner as the closest and the list ends with little Pluto as the furthest down in the lower right hand corner. The moons that revolve around each planet are displayed as solid black dots around their planet. Take a good look through these free printable worksheets because many different subjects besides science are available as high quality lesson plans.