Multiplication Table

If your kids are just starting to learn to multiply, they will definitely need a multiplication table as a guide. The times table is set in a grid pattern to find the answers for multiplication of numbers 1-12. Print this multiplication table and let them start learning. The top numbers in each column and the first numbers in each row are lightly shaded in gray so the student may easily find each starting point. The free printable is easy to download and then print. Use a good quality of paper for a tool the student will use repeatedly and appreciate. 

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A Free Times Table for Multiplication Lessons

As multiplication is introduced to students, they are required to learn the times table. Repetition and memorization are the best ways to drill and learn the multiplications of numbers 1-12. While the student is learning them, having a times table handy as a reference is a useful tool. Our Multiplication Table is a free printable that teachers love to use for their classroom.  Set in a grid pattern the numbers 1-12 are positioned above each column and at the beginning of each row. These numbers are slightly shaded for easy access to match the correct row and column to find the answer.

Multiplication Learning Tool

Sometimes a little bit of help is all that is needed in speeding the learning process for some concepts. When multiplication is introduced to students, learning all the times table can be a daunting task. While the times table used as a reference will never replace repetition and memorization, it is a good tool to keep close at hand. With only takes a few simple steps the free printable, Multiplication Table, can be easily downloaded and printed. All of these free printable worksheets can be customized to meet most of your needs. Students will appreciate having the times table readily available.