8 Inches Ruler

Need an 8 inch sized ruler? Then you just found a free printable one. Print this on paper and cut out the ruler, afterwards laminate it to make it durable. It is the same width as standard copy pages so no extra sizing to match paper is needed. Set it up to print several per page to save time and paper. Would you like yours to be personalized with your name? No problem, it only takes a few simple steps to add some custom text in different fonts to make it just right for your needs. They are free to use as often as needed.

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Quilting Rulers

Quilters need exact measurements all the time to cut the patterns from cloth before attempting to piece the quilt together. Sometimes they are working with small swatches of fabric and those big bulky rigid rulers may not be their best option. The 8 Inches Ruler free printable is small enough and thin enough to get the measurements just right to ensure a proper layout for the completed project. Cut along the outline after printing. They are free so print as many as you would like. Laminate each one for reuse and to have one handy all the time.

Rulers for Class

Students need rulers to complete study guides, homework, and tests for their math classes. The free printable 8 Inches Ruler is just the right size to tuck into a workbook or textbook. It is thin enough not interfere with the book’s binder when closed. Print several to a page and cut them out. Keep some laminated for ones to loan to kids who might forget to bring one to class. Set up the process in a few easy steps and have names printed on each one or the class and term numbers. It is that easy to have them as customized.