Simpe Millimeter Ruler

When a rigid ruler will not do, use our free printable Simple Millimeter Ruler instead. When you are finished simply toss it away. That is OK because there are 10 rulers to a sheet. Clearly marked in millimeter increments up to 250mm, our free printable ruler has dozens of uses. Teachers love them for students who forget theirs for class. Students love them because they are easy to store and reuse in their textbooks. Crafters love them because they can be tossed if they get torn or have paint and glue on them. You will love them because they are easy to download and print.

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Millimeter Ruler for Class

Simple Millimeter Ruler is a free printable ruler to measure the smallest unit of length in the metric system. This small one inch wide ruler will measure up to 250 millimeters. The rulers are clearly marked in one millimeter increments for the student to use in simple in classroom lessons or homework. Teachers love the fact that our sheet has 10 rulers per standard sheet of copy paper. The lines separating each ruler make it easy to cut each one out. Download and print some today for students to keep in their math workbooks and you will find more free printable material here to use in other math lessons too.

Re-useable Simple Millimeter Ruler

It is a fact sometimes some students do not come prepared for class. Good thing our free printable rulers are easily downloaded and printed right here. Simple Millimeter Ruler can be printed 10 per page on a standard size copy paper. Do you need them to have custom printed text per ruler? No problem, use our customization option available for all of these free printable items. The millimeter ruler is scaled into 1 mm increments up to 250mm. Each are clearly marked making homework or classroom work a breeze. Print some on heavy card stock or construction paper for a durable and easy to use metric ruler