Advent Word Search

This free printable Advent word search features a word puzzle grid bordered with bright red solid lines with an image of a cute dog toy. It contains words related to both the Advent season and to Christmas. It is a themed word search that your whole family can enjoy. Print it out and look for the words related to Advent and Christmas.

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An Advent Treat

Many families who celebrate the Advent season with children have different Advent traditions and customs that involve small treats or surprises each day of the Advent season. Usually these revolve around the Advent Calendar. The Advent Calendar (which can be quite elaborate and three dimensional) has children open a door of some sort that usually covers a number, counting down to Christmas, and may contain a space for a small gift. Imagine putting an activity in that little hiding place. Our free printable (Christmas themed) word searches and crossword puzzles would be just the thing.