Car Brands Word Search

Are you a car enthusiast? Or do you live with or love one? Do you know someone whose conversations are all about cars, cars, cars? If you (or your child or friend) like to think about and dream about cars, but need an activity that is a little more engaging than just watching car shows on TV, then you have come to the right place. Keep yourself busy using this car themed word search. Print out this free game and look for those hidden car brands in the 25 by 25 grid. Because of its size, this word search is aimed at more experienced solvers. 

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This is no Edsel! 

Unlike that famous automotive failure, this complicated and challenging word search is guaranteed to be hit with anyone who even has a passing fancy about cars. Even if you don't care anything about cars, this is still a challenging word search, with the brand names cleverly worked into the grid of letters. Like all word searches, this free printable will exercise your brain and provide perhaps hours of stimulating and puzzling fun. Just print out your own copy of the puzzle, and grab a sharp pencil! How long does it take you to find all the hidden words?

Brain Games!

Brain games are all the rage. All around the world, people are talking about doing thinking challenges, developing your brain, and keeping your mind young and sharp. Science has shown that stimulating the brain with difficult, challenging work or play can actually improve how you think, and may even help fend off those troubling signs of age like forgetting things and having trouble planning or organizing. Word searches (like the free printable ones on this site) should be one of the tools in your arsenal of brain teasers. We also have free crossword puzzles, you should check those out!