Dragons Word Search

Let your students enjoy a fun activity like this free printable dragon themed word search. Dragons are an all time favorite type of character for a great many people, both young minds and older more mature dreamers. Dragons represent magic and wonder and power. They make people's imaginations soar. This particular printable has an image of a formidable looking dragon at the top. Along the side is a list of words associated with Dragons and their lore and mythology. Since they are free, print as many as you want and provide each student a copy. Don't forget to look for words spelled backwards!

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Dragons Rule the World!

At least, in many popular stories, myths, fairy tales, and legends, Dragons are fearful and powerful creatures. Sometimes they are considered good or at least not evil, but often they are portrayed as dreadful, scary and power hungry creatures. Children are drawn to the stories, but for many the fascination with these magical beasts never ends. They hold mystery, and danger as well as the promise of treasure and power. Dreamers dream of being an important knight or an adventurer out slaying dragons or taming them to their use. This word search is perfect for those dreamers and story tellers.

Fun and Educational too!

Who says that learning has to be boring and painful? Who says that learning even has to look like learning? For children especially, but really for anyone, one of the best ways to learn is through play. We remember better and learn more when we are relaxed and doing something we enjoy. Word searches are a popular pastime, and can be great brain teasers. They make us think without knowing it. They stretch our language abilities and strengthen our spelling. Print out this great free Dragon word search and give your brain a little treat, and expand it at the same time.