Fire Safety Word Search

Nothing is more important than making sure your children know how to be safe if they are faced with a fire. Teach your kids the drill for fire safety in a fun way through this fire safety themed word search puzzle. This word search puzzle's clue list consists of terms or words related to fire safety. Print this to start solving this puzzle. Encircle each word that you can find diagonally, backwards, across and downward. Refer to the word list for these words. After they have found all the words is a good time to discuss what they should do in an emergency.

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Discussing Fire Safety with Kids

Fires are a scary topic for kids, and even for adults. It is hard to force yourself to talk to your children about something that you hope will never happen. You don't want to scare them, but you need to make sure that they know how to react, and what to do if they are in a fire or see one. This simple, free printable word search can be the way to open the discussion in a non-threatening way. First have everyone sit down and find the words. Even do one yourself, mom and dads. Afterwards, talk about how to be safe and stay safe.

Stop! Drop! and Roll!

"Stop, drop and roll," is one of the easy to remember slogans that fire prevention specialists have kids memorize. It is a reminder that if you or your clothing is on fire, running will make it worse by fanning the flames and providing the oxygen the fire needs to burn. Oxygen is one of the list of fire safety words on this free printable word search. Using the words in the puzzle to relate to fires and the rules for staying safe in a fire is a good way to help children remember them when it counts. Playing (like doing word searches) reinforces learning.