Harvest Fruit & Vegetables Word Search

If you are looking for a fun activity to include in your family's Thanksgiving or any holiday dinner, then here is a fruit and vegetables themed word search that you can incorporate with your celebration. Print this free word puzzle and search the grid to find these fruits and vegetables that are in the word list. Encircle them all in the puzzle. You can even try to find additional smaller words to help you sort through random letters to form words.

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Fall Harvest Word Search

Word searches are a great way to build vocabulary. More that simply learning to spell the word, you have to be able to recognize it it in a jumble of other letters. What is more fun than to try to find a word that pertains to something you are already interested in? NOTHING! That is why this colorful fall harvest food word search is so much fun. Whether you actually squash or not, this is a fun afternoon project for kids and all ages.Try our free printable word search today.

What is a Mango? Word Search Puzzle.

Did you ever want to build your skills with word games like crosswords or scrabble? Using word search games, you can build your vocabulary, and hone your skills at searching for words and parts of words. Did you know that in many parts of the world a mango is a citrus type fruit, but in many North American areas a mango is a green pepper from the garden. Word searches are great mind Stretchers for this type fact finding and learning.Try our free printable musical word search today for a 100% GREAT TIME learning about vegetables as you find them.