Healthy Food Word Search

Looking for a free printable word search puzzle that will teach kids about different kinds of healthy food? Look no further. This is the activity sheet that you are looking for. Print out this 14 by 16 letter grid and let them learn while having fun by finding all the food words hidden in the forest of letters. It's not easy, even though the words are listed below the puzzle if the solver gets stuck. But try not to look at the clues. Find as many as possible without checking the list. Don't forget to search for words written backwards!

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Nutrition And Good Food

As parents we all want our children to be healthy and to eat a balanced diet that promotes health and healthy living. Nagging over and over to your children, "Eat your vegetables. Drink your milk" gets just as tiresome for you to do as for them to listen to. Instead, approach the subject of food and healthy eating from a fun perspective. Sneak a little learning in on them in the form of a game. The free printable healthy food word search is a great place to start. Naming and finding healthy food is the beginning of knowing what they should eat.

Don't forget about Customization!

Every one of our free printables can be customized to better fit your purposes. Would you like to add your own images of different healthy foods? Would you like to add your child's name or a line for your student to fill in his or her name? Would you like to obscure the answer list to make the puzzle a little more challenging? All of these things are possible by simply clicking the "Customize" button at the bottom of the picture and using our own editing engine to make your changes. Feel free to make this printable uniquely your own.