Men In History Word Search

Liven up your World History class, teachers and homeschoolers! Our free printable activity sheets allow you to change up what's going on in the classroom from day to day. For instance here we have a word search puzzle about many of the different important and famous men in history. Studying history may begin to seem boring to students, especially your grade school kids. They complain about doing the same old thing day after day.  Print this word search and help them remember the names of these important famous men in a fun and different way. 

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Find Important People

This free printable wordsearch is an entertaining way to begin a lesson or just a discussion about history, and how different people change or affect history. This fun puzzle has the names of eighteen important and famous men who affected the course of history in the world. First have your students (or your own children, parents!) look for the names printed at the bottom of the puzzle. After they have found the names, which are all last names, challenge them to give the full name of each of them. When their identification is complete, you will have a great place to start learning.

People Who Shaped the World

We can't create a good and prosperous future without having a firm grasp on our past. Throughout the ages, different men (and women) have contributed to our history, and the modern world that it has created. Encourage your children and students to learn about the lives of these important people, and how one person can make a huge difference in the course of things. This free printable activity sheet contains, in a challenging word search, the names of several of those histoy changing men. Use this and others of our activity printables to have fun, and learn at the same time.