Numbers 1 To 10 Word Search

This word search game will surely delight preschoolers and those in the earlier grades, who are still learning how to count from one to ten. Let your kids or students learn about counting and at the same time reinforce the right number spelling. Print out this free numbers themed word search puzzle to let them look for all the number names in the word grid from the word list. Tell them to encircle or highlight the words with color. Color the numbers printed at the bottom to match the colors of the highlighting that they have done on the words.

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One, Two, Buckle my shoe.

There are many ways to help children learn both how to count, and how to correctly write those numbers out as words. A word search for the number names can do both at the same time. This delightful, free, printable, numbers themed word search will help teach the ones that are still unsure, and can be good reinforcement for those that have mastered counting. Word searches work the brain on several levels at one time. Being able to spot the words hidden in random letters will help form logical and clear ways of thinking later on.

Learn and Have fun too.

Not all learning has to be from those stuffy old worksheets. No one likes to do the same old work books day in and day out. Break out some different kinds of desk work for the kids, to keep learning feeling more lively and interesting, and keep them engaged with the subject. Use this and other free printable word searches to broaden the range of ways that your children and/or students learn. Let them have a little fun. Have them color and decorate the sheets after they have found the words. Challenge them to race to be the first one to find all of the words!