Seaside Word Search

Here's a free printable word search that kids will like to do just for fun. It has a  sun shiny beach picture at the top and a light and breezy, colorful title. The words are all about fun at the beach. Kids love word searches, in general, and when the searches are based on fun themes like this one they really enjoy spending time with their pencils and paper. This 14 by 15 letter grid is aimed at those of medium ability. However, the vocabulary words are suitable for the younger crowd, too. Print it out today! Have Fun!

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Rainy Day Backup!

The beach vacation has been going great, but a summer storm has rolled in. Everyone is stuck in the cottage (or hotel room!) staring out the window as the rain pours down. No beach today. No digging in the sand to build a sandcastle or searching for shells. No need for sunscreen lotion or that pail and shovel. What to do? Break out the word search and other activity sheets that you can print out for free here at! This particular word search is especially perfect for doing on a rainy day at the beach when you can't go outside. 

Play to Learn!

Not all learning has to be stuffy old worksheets. Kids love to play, and they can play and learn at the same time using this and other great free printable word search activity sheets. Break out some different kinds of work for the kids, to keep learning feeling more lively and interesting. Use word searches to broaden the range of ways that your children and/or students learn. Let them have a little fun. Have them color and decorate the sheets after they have found the words. Challenge them to race to be the first one to find all of the words!