Sunny Weather Word Search

Are your children or students learning about weather? Studying will be more enjoyable if the kids are given some activity sheets that are fun to do. Print out this weather themed word search activity sheet for your classroom and let them learn about words that are related to the weather. Twelve weather related words are scattered about in a ten by ten grid of letters. Have students find them and circle or highlight them. The words themselves are listed at the bottom of the page to help younger students spot them. To make the puzzle a little harder, cover the words.

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Rainy Day Weather Activity

When the weather is dreary and unpleasant and the children have to stay inside, how do you keep them busy? How do you keep everyone's nerves from fraying a bit? How about a little learning disguised as fun? In fact, how about learning about weather? Use this and other of our special, ready made printable activity sheets on weather and many other subjects. While the kids are not so patiently waiting for the rain to end, have them find words like rainbow and storm. This word find sheet can be a wonderful way to start a conversation and lesson on weather. 

Weather Fun!

Whether you prefer clear skies or rain, snow or hot sunshine, you'll love this free printable word search on the weather. Word searches have long been a favorite type of brain teaser for all ages. The answers are all there, in plain sight, but you have to tease them out of hiding. Besides helping your children or students increase their focus, word searches help develop spelling, and the length of time a child can spend in serious concentration. They improve thinking itself. Having a theme of words to learn makes a word search doubly educational.