Smiling Jack-O-Lantern

Do your kids get excited by Halloween? Then your kids will love this smiling jack-o-lantern free printable coloring page. He has a clear and bold outline for younger kids to follow. He has enough details in the face to interest older children.  Simply print as many as you like. You can even enlarge of minimize the image. Then offer markers and crayons to encourage budding artists to add colors to the pumpkin and background or use it as a stencil for other art projects. Each pumpkin can be printed with the child’s name too.  Thanks to Destiny for sending us this fun free printable!

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Halloween Coloring Fun

Do your students get restless as Halloween approaches? Do you need a fun project as a break from the classroom work? Our free printable coloring sheets are just the solution you have been searching for and needing to keep on hand. One popular sheet from these free printable coloring sheets is the Smiling Jack-O-Lantern. He is a large pumpkin figure with a large toothy grin and half-moon cut-outs for the eyes. Print each pumpkin with the students name in the center and they can decorate it with markers or glitter and use it as a desk mat or hang on the wall. 

It's Jack-O-Lantern Coloring Time

What has a large happy toothy grin and upside down moons for eyes? That’s right it is Smiling Jack-O-Lantern free coloring sheet. He is happy to be here to keep your kids attention while waiting for that fun night of trick or treat. Teachers, print a stack of these free printable coloring sheets when the students need a fun break. Provide lots of orange crayons because it will be the popular color of the day. A bold outlines clearly marks the edges so younger children will learn to color within the lines. Customize each one with the child’s name for a name tag for their desks for open house programs.