Tall/Short Adjective Flash Card

Flash cards are popular teaching tools. Free printable flash cards are easy to print and use for classroom lessons. Tall short adjective flash card has a tall and a short basketball player. Children will remember the cute picture of a shorter basketball player reaching for the ball that the taller player is holding. When they recall the flash card they will remember the two adjectives tall and short. 

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Adjectives Made Easier with Flash Cards 

Teachers love our printable flash card lessons to keep learning fresh and fun. Flash cards are a great way to repetitively practice concepts. Youngsters that do not read yet enjoy pictures on a flash card to understand a new word. Printable tall short adjective flash cards have a tall and a short basketball player. The taller player is holding the ball high above the short ball player's head. It is easy to understand the difference in tall and short with these printable lessons. Laminating the cards make them more durable for repeat lessons. Check out other adjective flash cards to make a whole unit lesson for language class.  

Printable Flash Cards for Adjectives

Children learn in different ways. Teachers work hard to help all of their students succeed. Our flashcard lessons are invaluable to a dedicated teacher. They are budget friendly and easy to keep on file. Flash cards make learning easier for the student that needs a picture to understand the concept. Free printable flash cards are handy to have when teaching a younger child that does not read. A picture is worth a thousand words is a true adage. More word association connections are made when a picture is presented during the introductory stages.  Print tall short adjective flash cards to start a grammar unit. Add more cards as the student progresses. You will find many adjective flash cards in these free printable lessons. Keep an extra set or two for a quick refresher lesson.